Photo Journal | Palm Springs Getaway

With Connor and I both being in between big projects and basically two weeks of non-stop rain at the beginning of April, I was craving some sunshine and a ticket out of Kansas City. We decided to go visit Connor's grandparents who were in Palm Springs. Last time we were there we did a lot more exploring. We visited Joshua Tree, Salvation Mountain, the Salton SeaMoorten Botanical Gardens, and the Ace Hotel. This time though, it was all about relaxing, zero plans and spending time with family. We did take an afternoon to explore the grounds at The Parker again and enjoyed some appetizers and cocktails while Wilder ran around. I didn't realize this until we were leaving, but there is a sign on the grounds that says, "For Hotel Guests Only". Funny since the last two times we've been there we hung out exploring and enjoying the grounds for quite a while...oops. We like to live by the, "act like you belong and you're good" way of life, I think it's the only way to be when traveling ;) So if you are in PS, just go for it. Connor and I also snuck away during Wilder's nap one afternoon to take a drive up Highway 74 to see beautiful dessert views of Palm Springs from above. You know you are parents when driving and cranking tunes is exciting...ha. We also enjoyed dinner with family one night under the twinkle lights of the beautiful patio at Lavender Bistro, a romantic little gem of a restaurant.  My favorite thing about Palm Springs is all of the color. Everything just seems so happy. The flowers there are unbelievable. I came back craving more color in my home, my closet, my life. You get it.