Market Studio | Before + After

Now that the studio is officially done, I thought it would be fun to share the before photos as well as a little history about the space. Enjoy!



We acquired the studio in early September of 2015, about 6 weeks before I was due with Wilder. We live just six blocks up the street, so Connor had taken note of the unique corner space before. When it came on the market, along with the house next door, he quickly jumped on the opportunity to make an offer. He spent the next 9 months, pretty much single handedly revamping the space into what is now Market Studio. 


Since 1982 the space had operated as a guttering company, and then in 2011 it became used as a maintenance building. Before it was an old garage though, it was actually the neighborhood High Grade Food Store. Longtime residents of the area still remember going into the neighborhood grocery store as little kids to buy candy. It operated as a store well into the late fifties. We chose the name, Market Studio, because we wanted to honor the original purpose of the building. It's fun to think of all of the life that took place on the corner of 35th ter and Genessee 60+ years ago. We're hoping that the renovations we've done to the space will help build a unique community in this part of our neighborhood.