Thoughts on not having it all together

I find at times that one of the tough things about social media is that it feels like there is always some sort of pressure to have it all together. Maybe you don't struggle with this, but I know I definitely do and for me I've realized that it causes unnecessary anxiety in my life. If we aren't careful social media can becomes a window into the world of all of the things we are "lacking". After two years of being a new mother, I often feel at a crossroads with myself. Most weeks I feel pulled in a hundred different directions and confused on where my heart is leading. I love what I do, but I have so many passions, things I want to try, risks I want to take, spaces I want to grow in.  I've noticed that sometimes I feel apprehensive to dip my toes in the water. Processing these feelings has led me to realize that a lot of my hesitation is correlated with social media's impact on my heart. I feel a lack of confidence to try something new or to put myself out there because I fear that it's going to be lacking in comparison. Without even realizing it, I've placed myself in a box. The truth is though, I will never have it all together, you will never have it all together. I'm learning to be comfortable in that space.

So for now, here's an outfit...because sometimes I blog because I like to, and sometimes I don't because I am too tired ;)

Happy Monday, Friends!