Becoming Motherful | Self Care

Spring is finally here (minus the extreme drop in temperature + snow today!!) and with it's arrival I have a new outlook on this whole mother thing.  The last two weeks I've been focusing on self care. Ever since Wilder was born it's been a wonderful but exhausting whirlwind. I feel like we're always going 100+ miles an hour and I realized that I haven't actually taken much time to myself. As an introvert you need alone time, and I am realizing that this is something you have to make a priority once you have kids. Here are some of the changes I've made in the last couple of weeks. Let's hope they stick because I have really been enjoying this new rhythm we're in.

-I stopped watching television! Having a baby in the Fall means binge watching shows on Netflix all Winter long, because a newborn and going out in freezing weather is NOT fun. It was definitely necessary for the time being but with daylight savings I decided to stop watching tv and I have been so much more productive/happier. It's given me time to do the following things...

-I started reading again. I'm currently reading Love Does as recommended by the hubs and it's the perfect book to get jumpstarted on reading again. The chapters are super short so you feel like you are actually accomplishing something even if you only have 10 minutes to sit down and open it up.

-I took a bath! Sorry if baths gross you out, but I LOVE a good soak and I hadn't taken a bath since having a baby. One night Connor was gone so I sat in the tub with a glass of wine and a book...and a baby monitor...but still! 

-I started cooking! I'm not naturally inclined to love cooking so once a baby was in the picture we were hitting up carryout pretty hard. I actually started meal planning last week and much to my surprise, I have more food and I am actually spending less at the grocery store. It's amazing what a little planning ahead can do. I actually made Pad Thai this week...I didn't know I was capable of such things. 

-I started working out. I thought I would be back at it after 6 weeks, but I just kept pushing it off. It's hard to feel motivated when all you really want to do is nap! I've just been doing quick 15-30 minute workouts at home and it's amazing how much energy you get just from a quick sweat. I'm hoping it will motivate me to get back into a good routine of going to the gym/running. 

If you have special ways that you regularly practice self care I would love to hear! I wish I would've started good habits like this early on, but it's all a learning curve and I'm just glad we've survived so far.

On another note, here's a simple look I've been wearing. I love dresses and It's a bummer when you realize you can't wear 95% of the dresses you own due to nursing. This one has buttons so I give it two thumbs up for nursing moms!