Becoming Motherful | No Time for Perfection

With just about 4 weeks to go until my due date I've started to slow down physically which has added a sort of new emotional toll on this pregnancy. I'm starting to realize that there are things on this to-do list that are not going to get done and I am having to sit and allow myself to be ok with that.  The neat thing about having months to prepare for your baby's arrival is is that you change and learn as this little life grows inside of you. The last couple of weeks of sleepless nights I've tried to remind myself that this is Nature's way of preparing my body for nighttime feedings, and now I've come to realize that the anxiety over the un-finished to do list is teaching me to lessen my standards of perfectionism around the house and in my life. No matter how perfect I desire for things to be, my body eventually has a stopping point and requires rest. Since I had it pretty easy dodging morning sickness in the first trimester, I feel like this last stretch will be the real challenge for me. Each new day is filled with so much excitement yet so much anxiety as we inch closer to meeting our little babe.   


Sarah MoyerComment