Becoming Motherful | 32 Weeks Nesting

Nesting has begun around our household and now I am rushing to get projects done before all of my energy wears out. My husband is loving his never ending to-do list of projects... ;) Yesterday we (as in he, fumes you know?) started painting our bedroom because it's the one room in the house that's never gotten any design love and I am dying to get it finished or at least all of the big stuff done like paint and a new bed before the baby arrives. 

In other news, the nursery is finally starting to take shape, still slowly but it's coming together. Here's a look at a mood board I put together to help my brain get organized on a direction. Our home has a rustic but sort of modern feel, so I wanted the baby's room to fit in but just be a little brighter and more fun. "California Rustic" is what I am calling it if that's even a thing? Some of these things we have, some we've ordered, and others are just for inspiration. Let me know what you think...links are listed below!