Becoming Motherful | 25 Weeks Nesting

It's July 1st and I am officially moved out of my studio and back into my home office. It was just six months ago that I decided to test out having a studio space with my dear friend Taylor. I was so excited about the opportunity and convinced that if I was going to have a baby then I HAD to have a studio to keep my business going once the baby came. It was such a great experience, but as my pregnancy developed it's funny how my mindset started to change, and all of the sudden working from home sounded quite nice. Moving back home may be a temporary transition, but  at this point I am content with just seeing how things go and open to casually looking at spaces until the ideal situation and location makes itself known. Of course there are challenges that come with moving back home, and I am sure once my house turns into a tornado full of props I'll be second guessing myself, but at this point I am actually sort of excited about my new cozy space. I've recently realized the importance of learning when to take a step back without feeling like you are actually going backwards and this has been a good lesson for me. Having a studio to go to every day for 6 months helped me get into a working rythym which is something I have always struggled with, so I am very grateful for the opportunity and how it worked out. 

This is the first of a few NESTING posts I will be sharing with you as we get our house ready for the arrival of this baby, so stay posted for the final images of the office once it's all done. I included a few items on my wish list below!