Becoming Motherful | Style 21 Weeks

Today marks 21 weeks and the bump is becoming more and more obvious every single day. With each little kick I feel, I am reminded that in just a few short months I will become a mama. I wanted to start blogging every week about this journey to keep a record for myself, but also because I have been so inspired recently from reading other blogs. There has been so much life changing beauty and insecurity all wrapped up in this journey so far that I can't even begin to imagine how much change will occur once I am holding a baby in my arms. I am on a journey to become motherful and to me that is something worth jotting down. 

This weeks post is definitely more light hearted, but I wanted to throw in some style posts because dressing a pregnant body has been a lot more difficult than I could have ever imagined. I always thought that my flowy tops and relaxed styles would transition perfectly into pregnancy, but I was false. I have been roughly the same size since I was 17, so my body changing wasn't my favorite thing the first few months (I can't imagine anyone loves that stage though), but I am finally starting to embrace the changes and figure out what works and what doesn't for my body/lifestyle. 

Despite my disappointment in the maternity market, I have found a few brands that I really love and Storq is one of those. I have pretty much been living in this skirt from them recently. It's super comfy and the length is just right. They specialize in a few basics which can help transition your wardrobe. I've seen a few other companies attempt to do this but none that compare to the fit and quality of this company. Make sure to give them a look!